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Quality is one of the objectives defining the publishing and editing principles today, and the „Theological Studies” editorial staff considers it as an underlying element for its activities. Due to their complexity, editing processes presuppose a special discipline necessary for the smooth operation of any journal or publication. Therefore, the „Theological Studies” editorial staff , in compliance with the quality norms according to ISO 9001:2000 & 19011:2002, operates on the basis of procedures, in order to ensure a precise route of the materials received for publication, as well as the efficiency of all internal activities.
Procedure no. 1: The path of a study/ article, from writing it to printing it
Procedure no. 2: Text processing
Procedure no. 3: Reviewing the materials received for publication
Procedure no. 4: (Internal) proofreading previous to printing the Journal
Procedure no. 5: Proofreading the text and preparing the Journal for printing
Procedure no. 6: Sending the Journal to the Printing House and bringing the protocol copies to the Editorial staff office
Procedure no. 7: Dispatching the Journal
Revised and re-approved in the editorial staff’s meeting, today 22 Sept. 2011