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Annual Objectives

Since the year 2007, the „Theological Studies” editorial staff has implemented the quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001/2000 & 19011/2002. This also presupposes achieving certain annual objectives. The annual objectives indicate the most important steps in the Journal’s evolution, year by year. Ever since the journal’s editing was taken over by the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Bucharest, the central objective has been to obtain national accreditation. Also, from the very beginnings the materials published in the journal have aimed for the highest possible quality, as representative of the Orthodox theology in România. Last but not least, one of the editorial staff’s objectives has been to have the greatest possible transparency abroad.
- updating the Journal;
- implementing a modernized critical apparatus;
- increasing the number of Editorial staff positions;
- recruiting specialists for the vacant Editorial staff positions;
- developing and implementing a system of work procedures;
- publishing in each issue (cca 30%) foreign-language materials, with a view to gaining a broader reception abroad.
- improving the Journal’s proofreading system;
- obtaining, furnishing and inaugurating a new office for the Theological Studies editorial staff;
- editing the Journal’s website (;
- increasing the number of subscriptions abroad, as well as the journal’s exchange to ensure its presence in major libraries abroad;
- achieving a higher quality standard for the studies and materials published in the Journal.
- improving the Journal’s graphic design;
- increasing the number of pages from 250 to 300, for each Journal issue;
- reorganizing the Journal’s chapters with a view to national and international accreditation.
- implementing the peer-review system;
- editing the English version of the Journal’s website;
- obtaining the national CNCSIS accreditation.