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A Brief History of our Journal

Theological Studies Journal has been published since the year 1929 (with an interruption between 1940-1949). Its founders were the professors of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Bucharest: Rev. I. Popescu-Mălăeşti, Rev. Tudor Popescu, Rev. Ioan Mihălcescu, Şerban Ionescu, Rev. Petre Vintilescu, Rev. Grigore Cristescu, Dimitrie Boroianu, Vasile Gh. Ispir, hece its subtitle of „Publication of the Faculty of Theology in Bucharest”. According to the first issue’s „Foreword,” Theological Studies Journal was intended as „a tribune where every industrious, diligent scholar will be able to utter their well-informed words” . The first series ceased to appear in the year 1940.
The second series marked the year 1949, the moment when the communist regime excluded the faculties of theology from university. Theological Studies thus became „the journal of theological institutes” within the Romanian Patriarchate. On that occasion, Patriarch Justinian presented the journal’s role in the life of the Church: „Intended as a valuable support for the many worthy clergymen, who strive to carry out their actual role of spiritual shepherds of our people, Theological Studies Journal sets off by calling the devout priests to debate the studies published therein, and share to the faithful the light they provide”. The journal was published constantly during the harsh communist period, thanks to the valuable contributions of theology professors of the two faculties existing at the time, in Bucharest and Sibiu. It is common knowledge that during that period, which gave the golden generation of Romanian theology, the possibility to publish theological books was low and therefore most theological studies of these great professors appeared in the main journals of the Romanian Patriarchate, especially Theological Studies and Orthodoxy.
The third series of the journal started in the year 2005, according to the decision of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church, no. 3763/2003, which sanctioned the proposals put forth by the first Congress of the Faculties of Theology within the Romanian Patiarchate, held at Durău, between 8-10 Sept. 2003.
The new series is motivated by the changes following the year 1989, whose great challenges must be given by theologians a deep, all-encompassing response, rooted in the tradition and spirit of the Eastern Orthodox Church. The topics that can be approached in a theological perspective cover a wide range: the status of religion as a school subject, the social work organized by the Church, secularization, globalization, religious synchretism, the spectacular developments of bioethics and other sciences, the dialogue with other denominations and religions, etc. Therefore, the journal’s contents has been enriched with new chapters, to which theology professors as well as other collaborators are called to contribute. Regarding the attitude of the new journal series, His Beatitude Patriarch Teoctist mentioned in the „Foreword” to no. 1/2005: „In its new form, Theological Studies  appears as an imperative necessity of the faculties of theology, as a communication factor among them, allowing the sharing of experience and achievements, the improvement of didactic activities and theological research, to which all faculties collaborate, thus each of them contributing to the scientific quality and standards. It remains the central journal of the Church, but becomes the conveyor of the ideas, debates and preoccupations of the faculties of theology, and as such, will be under the care and responsibility of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology Patriarch Justinian in Bucharest, with an editorial staff that is representative for all faculties of theology”.
As a function of the Church, theology cannot exist outside the Church, because there can be no knowledge of God without the Holy Spirit, which is imparted to the world through the Holy Mysteries of the Church. Theological Studies, with its equally theological and ecclesiological status, constitutes a strong link between academic theology and Church life. Written by theologians with the blessing of the Church, edited and printed by the Publishing House of the Biblical and Mission Institute of the Romanian Orthodox Patriarchate, and distributed to all church units, to all hierarchs, priests, monastics and Christian worshippers, the journal will hopefully be a means of communication for the edification of both its authors and its readership.